LPG Installation

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At M S One Stop Automotive we offer LPG installation and repairs service to our clients who are interested in converting their car to a dual fuel system, petrol, and LPG. Our LPG installation and repairs service can convert almost all unleaded petrol-fuelled vehicles to LPG providing there is adequate space.

Services M S One Stop Automotive can provide: Once installed, itis essential to regularly have your LPG system inspected. We can keep track of the following problems;

  • Ensuring that there are no possible leakages in all the gas systems fuel connections
  • Arranging to have your gas cylinders tested after 10 years to comply with regulations
  • LPG converter is checked and serviced if any residue found.
  • Regularly maintaining the vehicles ignition system to a minimum of the manufacturer’s specifications as LPG uses a higher firing voltage than petrol

M S One Stop Automotive is delighted to advise you on any queries you may have regarding our LPG installation and repairs service.