Brakes & Clutch Repair

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Brake Repair

Here at M S One Stop Automotive, our wealth of industry experience has taught us just how essential it is for drivers to have their vehicle’s braking systems regularly checked. By doing exactly that, we won’t just guarantee that your vehicle will stop when it requires being. Our spare parts/workshop team will solve your brake issues, with expert and professional advice.

Common Brake Problems:

  • Soft, spongy, flat pedal
  • Hard pedal
  • Steering wheel shake and vibration
  • Squealing, grinding noises

Our Services:

  • Disc rotor machining
  • On car disc rotor machining (our workshop only)
  • Brake Drum machining
  • Resleeved stainless steel cylinder repairs
  • Brake valve repairs – air and vacuum
  • Brake shoe relining
  • Steel Brake Pipes made to order

Clutch Repair

Early evaluation of your clutch could potentially save your money. Are you experiencing any of the following clutch issues?

  • Clutch slipping
  • Clutch sticking/grabbing
  • Change in clutch pedal feel
  • Noise when depressing clutch pedal

Our Services:

  • Clutch rebuilding and repairs
  • Flywheel grinding
  • Clutch plate relining
  • Clutch hydraulic repairs
  • Clutch servo repairs for heavy vehicles

We always use quality parts and expert fitting. Experience matters when it comes to clutch repairs and replacement, and we can replace standard clutches. Our affable specialists will discuss any problems and suggest solutions to help you. Talk to us for a competitive quote on (03) 9557 9569